As a business woman always on the go, it was hard making time to shop for outfits in multiple places.
I created MyCorporateLook for women just like me of all sizes who want to look nice at work without spending a fortune.

We do the personal shopping for you and put the looks together. Clothing is purchased in stores in California or online packaged then sent to you. Don't forget outfits are delivered to your doorstep within 14 days and includes accessories and shoes. Just click on the collections that fits your style. If you have any other looks in mind, send us a photo to and we'll do our best to replicate the similar outfit. For years, I've searched for an affordable service like this; it didn't exist so I created this signature service to share with you.

Every woman has her own style and our collections are for the those who like the vintage, chic, curvy, and classic corporate looks.

Remember, when you look good, you perform GREAT!

Enjoy shopping and thank you for your business


MyCorporateLook, LLC